New Website. New Video With Full Reading Of The Book.

New Website. New Video With Full Reading Of The Book.

Five Little Zombies And Fred has a new website design! To celebrate, we’ve decided to release the video, containing the full reading of the book, that would have been released had we reached 100% of our funding on IndieGoGo.

Five Little Zombies and Fred purchasing information can be found here. If you are thinking of purchasing a digital copy of the book, I recommend purchasing the PDF, instead of the MOBI or ePUB versions. Because the book is a picture book, it doesn’t format well in MOBI or ePUB, nor does it look as nice.

Don’t forget, we also have Five Little Zombies and Fred merchandise.

We also have music!

Five Little Zombies And Fred is a not-for-children children's book, written and illustrated to speak to the child in every one. It tells the story of our hero Fred who finds himself in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Will he survive with the help of his friend the Mountie? It is written by Jules Sherred and illustrated by Matt Schubbe, with songs written and performed by Errol Elumir and mixed/mastered by Chris Cogott, and video by Andrew Edgar.

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